X-Large Dogs(60lbs & Up)- $60- $100

Long Hair (Hair Cut)- $75-$85

Medium Dogs (11lbs-25lbs)- $30-$40

Large Dogs(up to 50lbs)- $55-$65

Handsome Hound

And Precious Pup

Medium Dogs (up to 30lbs)- $50-$55

Long Hair (Bath)- $60-$70

Short Hair (Hair cut)-$70-$75

A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

-Mark Twain


Love is a four-legged word.

- Paws Woofland


Life is ruff. Get a lab.

- Yours truly, Sandy Barkley 

Large Dogs(25lbs-50bs)- $40-$55

All of our grooming includes cut and file the nails, express the anal glands (if requested), clean the ear (as well as pluck the hair out of the ears), bath and hair cut or bath.  We do offer medicated shampoos for the dogs and cats with sensitive skin.

Medium Dogs (up to 35lbs)- $60-$65

Here at Handsome Hound we strive to help your pet be comfortable and loved. We offer cage-free visits if your fur baby is uncomfortable in a kennel. We offer special appointments for senior, disabled ,agressive, or anxious pets.

Small Dogs(up to 12lbs)- $45-$50

We offer a DE shedding  package. That includes sheddless shampoo(to help loosen and remove undercoat, blow dry with a force dryer to help release the rest of the undercoat, then but not lease use a DE shedding tool to remove the rest of the undercoat.

Hair Cut

Large Dogs(50lbs and over)- $70-$85

Hand Stripping

Cat Grooming (Bath or Cut)

X-Large Dogs(50lbs and up)- $65- $120

About Handsome Hound

Sheldless Treament

My Favorite Quotes

Small Dogs(3lbs-10lbs)- $25-$30

Bath and Brush/Tidy

Small Dog (up to 15lbs)- $50-$55

Short Hair (Bath)- $45-$55